Using Quizlet

Quizlet is a website that allows people to create and share “sets” of vocabulary.  Each set is a group of words, with translations or definitions.  You can look through them, or do various activities to test how well you know them.


If you want to create your own sets, or share sets with other people, you’ll need to log in.  You can do this with just an email address and password, or using Google or Facebook.


Different things to do on Quizlet:

- Search for a topic that you’d like to study, look through the list of sets that other people have created, choose one that looks good, and study it using the different activities.




- Create your own sets of vocabulary according to topic area (work, transport, academic vocabulary, phrasal verbs, etc.)

- Create sets of vocabulary according to your mistakes (words you often spell wrong, words you often pronounce wrong, words that you often get confused about)




Things to be careful of:

- If you use translations, be careful to get it right.  Check in a good English-English dictionary to make sure that the word means what you think it means. 

- If you use definitions, make them clear and easy to understand.  If you don’t understand the definition, how will you learn the word?




I recommend Macmillan Dictionary, especially for elementary – intermediate levels.  The Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary is also good for upper intermediate and advanced students.


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