Five Minutes With ...


"Five Minutes With ..." is a series of short interviews created by the BBC with a huge range of interesting people.  Each interview is exactly five minutes long, and usually involves lots of short questions and answers.


Click here to see the list of interviews on the BBC website. 

A simple listening technique:

*       Choose a person who you’ve heard of from the list, and start the video.

*       Write down every question that the interviewer asks, leaving plenty of space after each question.  You can pause the video if you need more time.


*       Watch the video again, and this time, try to write down the person’s answers.  Pause the video if you need more time to write.

What if I’ve never heard of any of these people?

It doesn’t really matter.

*       Choose three names at random.

*       Look them up in Wikipedia, and read the first paragraph about their main achievements.

*       Decide which of the three you’d like to know more about.

*       Watch the interview with that person, using the same technique as before.

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