Model Texts for Back Translation

Here are two model texts that you can use for back translation (improving your writing without a teacher - see the post here).


The first one is suitable for elementary - pre-intermediate students, while the second is suitable for intermediate - upper-intermediate students.

Reminder of the Method

  1. Choose an English text.
  2. Translate it into your language.
  3. Translate your version back into English, without looking at the original.
  4. Compare your English text with the original. Highlight or underline each difference.
  5. Reflect on your mistakes (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!)  Ask yourself:

*       What grammar mistakes did I make?

*       What spelling mistakes did I make?

*       What word choice mistakes did I make?

*       What paragraph and punctuation mistakes did I make?

*       Which phrases were the most difficult to translate into my language, or into English?

*       Which phrases are the most different between English and my language?

*       What do I want to improve next time I write something in English?


6. Practice the areas you have difficulty with.


You can see the full instructions here.


Model Texts

1. Elementary - Pre-intermediate

2. Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

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